50 years of madness

After years of testing, which included two trips to Meru’s Shark’s Fin and Everest, The North Face launches ThermoBall™, a new type of synthetic insulation that closely mimics down clusters. The jackets are an instant success and become another iconic style for the brand. thermoball croix


IThe Oval InTENTion is introducted, revolutionizing the A-shaped tent. Inspired by noted architect and inventor R. Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller's theory of sphericity, the tent was the first of its kind, incorporating maximum efficiency with minimum materials. Hikers now have a lightweight, roomy, aerodynamic shelter unlike anything. ovalintention croix


The North Face incorporates GORE-TEX® products into its outerwear line, creating the first dry, breathable and truly all-condition outdoor wear." goretex croix


Engineered for a full spectrum of benefits – millions of pair pockets trap body heat in extreme conditions and lack of bulk means great freedom of movement for the activity. The PrimaLoft® proprietary treatment ensures excellent performance as the insulation maintains its warmth properties even in wet conditions. Designed for durability in a lightweight design for active applications, packability, breathability, and softness. No need to compromise on performance. primaloft croix


Galen Rowell, Kim Schmitz, Ned Gillette and Dan Astay complete the first-ever 300-mile winter ski traverse of arguably the highest and toughest route out there: The Karakoram Traverse. Stretching into Pakistan, India, China and Afghanistan, the region features the greatest concentration of 8,000-plus-meter peaks in the world. ski croix


Todd Skinner and Paul Piana up the free-climbing ante to mind-blowing levels, living on Yosemite’s El Capitan for a week and completing every move free on the hallowed Salathe Wall. It was the first major free climb of a big wall in Yosemite and set the bar for a new generation. alpinisme croix


QUEEN MAUD LAND EXPEDITION Alex Lowe, Conrad Anker and Jon Krakauer explore the Antarctica ice cap and establish a first ascent of Rakekniven, a 2,500 foot wall. National Geographic travels with the crew, capturing the journey for a film and feature article. trail croix


NOTCHING ROUTES Alex Honnold rings in the year with yet another free solo, this time in El Potrero Chico, Mexico. He tops out on the Grade V big-wall route El Sendero Luminoso (5.12d, 15 pitches) in three hours – continuing to blow the minds of climbers everywhere. trail croix